Pepper (Capsicum annum)

Sow seeds 8-10 weeks before projected last frost, 1⁄4 inches deep in well-drained sterile seed starting soil in shallow flats. Maintain soil temperature with a warming mat under the flats and set at 75-85˚F for good germination. Plant seedlings outdoors when soil temp is above 65˚F.

To save the seeds:
Harvest mature peppers. Cut fruit to expose and remove seeds. Wear gloves when handling hot peppers. Spread the seeds on a coffee filter and dry thoroughly, be sure to label each sample with all important information.

Planting your saved seeds:
Isolation distance needed to separate varieties that can cross pollinate for seed saving is 300-1,000 feet. Save seeds from 5-20 plants. If stored when completely dry in airtight, cold, dry conditions seeds can be viable for 2-4 years