Are the seeds really free?

Yes. It’s unconventional to give such valuable products away for free, but sharing seeds is a time-honored and revered custom all across the world.

In fact, sharing seeds has maintained life in times of need and enhanced the quality of life for countless growers and eaters. The simple act of planting a seed engages us in a fundamental human activity — agriculture.

Why is it important to plant heirloom seeds?

Planting heirloom or open-source seeds is one way to participate with our agricultural system. The simple act of cultivating food plants at any scale, from a single pot on a balcony to a farm landscape, can elevate each of us from passive consumers to active participants in our food systems. Throughout history, agriculture has generated the most widespread and persistent changes in the landscape and our individual daily food decisions influence how and to what extent agricultural practices will remake ecosystems.

Sharing open-pollinated seeds, planting a garden, buying locally produced and organic foods supports sustainable food production and contributes to a healthy ecosystem.

How can I request Social Roots seeds?

Please fill out the form on our CONTACT page. Thank you very much for your interest in heirloom seeds.

Photo by Bill Durrence © 2018