What is Social Roots?

Our Vision: To inspire a reawakening of healthy, sustainable food production.

Our Mission: Social Roots distributes heirloom seeds to revive and reinforce our relationship with nature through foodways and farming.

At Social Roots, we’re reconnecting our Southern heritage foodways with heirloom vegetables and our local farming landscape.

It’s about getting back to our history and our agricultural roots. At Social Roots, we want to get people “hooked” on heirlooms.

We grow and distribute seeds that are as healthy for the planet as they are for your table.

“Looking ahead, it’s important to develop varieties of plants with greater resilience to meet the outcomes of our changing world, particularly along the coast,” Social Roots founder Sarah Ross explains. “These are bulletproof varieties that can be grown virtually anywhere.”

Additionally, an important element in sustainable farming strives to reduce fossil fuel emissions required to transport vegetables across the country. Local production with reduced transit times validates heirlooms with flavor selected over varieties bred for tough skin and durability in transit.

Heirloom vegetables varieties can also extend the growing season, making it possible to cultivate okra, squash, tomatoes, peppers, collard greens and other crops for much longer periods of time due to plant selection within the naturally occurring biodiversity.

Social Roots has distributed free seeds to individuals, schools, scout troops, community gardens, family farms and chefs.

“I hope chefs will develop their own signature dishes using a wide assortment of heirloom vegetables,” Sarah says. “Locals and well as visitors want to experience food that’s locally grown and historically significant.”

Did You Know?

Social Roots founder Sarah Ross served as an Environmental Historian for the new “Underground Railroad” series on Amazon. Social Roots okra pods and seeds are featured in numerous episodes. Sarah also supplied plants for the slave garden depicted in the series.

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